Re:Framed: The News Untold: A Critical View of Both Sides of Congress


Both sides are at each other’s throats and cannot seem to settle on an agreement. Who’s to blame? Well that depends on which side you’re on. Are you a democrat or republican? There seems to be no other choice but these two due to gerrymandering and the flaws of the first past the post system. But that is another story for another time. But what is my opinion on the recent shut down?

Democrats are stubborn and refuse to pass the bills funding the national parks even though the Republicans are willing to compromise and send out some bills to fund government workers and get people paid and work done. They’re holding out on passing anything with their Senate-majority and the democratically elected executive branch because of their Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) that should be a constitutional violation because the government forces its citizens into buying healthcare instead of giving them the freedom, which is what this country was founded upon.

The Republicans are holding Obamacare hostage and trying to delay its funding for as long as possible. It was held up by the Supreme Court as constitutional, passed into law, and should be in effect soon but the Republicans are stubbornly keeping the fiscal bill from passing and refusing to vote until it’s repealed or defunded. Their goal is to make the people upset enough that they will force the Obama administration to give in to the Republican demands.

What I believe is that the two sides should get their act together and form a bipartisan agreement that doesn’t involve shutting down the government. This is my “what if”. We should learn from history and the one time it happened in Australia, the Queen had her representative Governor-General Sir John Kerr fire all of the parliament. This quickly solved the dilemma and creates an even bigger question, one deeply entrenched into our history. Should we have split from the British Empire? “What if” we stayed in the commonwealth and continued to print the glorious queen on our money? “What if” we could come up with a way to reform our government to make it more efficient and not be so useless and adamant in opposing each other with every topic?



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