Re framed: Pride and its Dangers

As we do better in our lives, we may sometimes get overboard and start to think that we are more than we actually are. This comes into play with Pride, one of the seven sins that has been spoken of for many years. Some of us may think that our pride is a good thing, but in most cases, its not.

(pride of a king)


One hero, from ancient times, named Oedipus had the exact problem with his pride. One minute he felt like he was on top of the world, the next we was a mere crumb begging for mercy everywhere he went. His life is the clear example in which we should never let our pride get in the way in which we think or do things. We might think that we are the greatest at what we do, but really there is always someone better than us.  Oedipus had thought that because he was king, there was no one who could overcome him or hurt him. But once he found out about the prophecy, he was as good as gone when he was demoted to be no longer king and was even exiled from his own country. He became a homeless wanderer who was blinded by his own hands.



As people in a whole new era should learn from these stories and from history in order to truly advance. As we go travel throughout our lives, we should remember that our pride just gets in our way and we should be open minded that there is much more to learn in the world. Pride is just a distraction that can ruin all our work but if we open our minds and ignore this pride we can become more than we ever thought we could reach.

                                                                                     – Yasir


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