Re:Framed: Importance of Foreign Languages

“What if” there were a way to be understood by everyone? No language barriers, no difficult accents, to stumbling over your words. It’d be amazing to be able to communicate with no issues with everyone. The closest thing we have at the moment is Esperanto, the most widely spoken constructed international auxiliary language, but it’s still a far stretch with people having to learn another language when Nelson Mandela sums it up well in his quote, ” If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.”ImageMy personal experience is that knowing another language makes it immensely more useful in whatever you plan on doing in life. Jumping over that gap and connecting with another person and that “Oh!” look you get makes it all worth it. They see you making an attempt at communicating and in turn they will reciprocate the action.
I went to sell Carl’s Jr coupon books and car wash tickets to support the wrestling program at my school and in that time I spoke three languages. I was able to communicate to people and tell them what I was selling and for what cause in otherwise lost causes where I would have sold nothing. One particular man from South America grew bright when I started speaking to him in Spanish and become a lot more talkative and welcoming. Even though he didn’t buy anything, I felt more encouraged to speak more and not be afraid of people. It said a lot about our community and how diverse it really was and how I hadn’t noticed it before.
One particularly pious man gave me a Bible which I was thankful for and accepted graciously. It’s about building a community and being part of a community means being able to communicate.

My English teacher advocates this idea of building a community and family. Our classroom is practically a family now. We know each other pretty well and we look out for each other. The communication part is just one of the many hurdles that one must jump over in life to succeed.



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