Re:Framed: Do words mean anything?


                             “Words mean nothing if your actions are the complete opposite” 

One thing in order for our world is grow is through communication, It’s vital. We hear so many things throughout our day whether it’s good things or bad things. You see people trying to think big and maybe be the one to change the world, and they tell so many things that they can do. But the question is are you just saying it or are you going to actually do it. I feel like that is the question people should be asking themselves. I’ve always been taught to think before I say, but hearing it so much I forget to realize how significant that actually means. I feel like some people say things only to maybe play along or just to get by without becoming a disappointment to anyone so it’s almost like you’re obliged to say things that you don’t really mean it. Saying something though, it really does mean something, but if the actions is completely different then it’s quite ironic that someone would ever say it. For example I remember my two friends from junior life guards, one of them would always talk about how they enjoyed hanging out with them and would always make the effort to spend time with him, it never really worked out but I remember him trying which is what counts. The friend on the other hand said she enjoyed hanging out with him, but not once….not even once has she ever asked to hang out with him or let alone talk to him when the chance was given. Nor was it really shown either. It would always result in him being the first to initiate in talking to her or inviting her to activities, yet she never really prioritized it resulting to never happening. So much doubt came into his mind and he realized later on that what she said, was just to not disappoint him but in reality he realized she probably never wanted to have anything to do with him since she never put in the effort. Do words mean anything?

Ever since this happened I learned that if I’m going to say something then I’m going to carry it out. I’ve been working on a innovation project for my English class, and it’s for us to put ourselves out their so we can do great things.This leaves so many big gate of opportunities to do, you can do almost anything. Me and partners are saying all these things, but we have to remember that we have to be able to carry it out to we’re going to do something. One of the problems we’re having is that we’re saying that we’re going to accomplish these big things that sounds awesome…but yet we failed to carry them out. So we set a goal that we’re only going to say what we can accomplish by our actions. Actions means more.-victor


One thought on “Re:Framed: Do words mean anything?

  1. Let me think… “Say something I’m giving up on you”, or how about in the context of: “Said something? I’m giving up on you.” Changing the punctuation just changed the entire meaning. “Say something I’m giving up on you” just means that a relationship is breaking apart due separation and silence. Buuut, if it was changed to “Said something? I’m giving up on you” meaning that words aren’t as strong as actions. You need determination and effort to APPLY your words into actions. It’s much more worth while than just saying something and never doing it. I totally agree that actions are much stronger than words because it shows the kind of person who you are: reliable or unreliable. This is a great and motivational post. It helps remind me to go with the words that I say : D

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