Re: The Bucket List-Our Life’s Final Closure



Many of us keep a “bucket list” that basically holds what we wish to do before we pass on to the next world. I find this actually an interesting thing to do because of how we want t  do certain things so that we can actually leave this world feeling that we lived our life to the max and not something we wasted and regret doing. I personally think that a Bucket List can really help our view on life due to the fact that we accomplish a goal that we had set and stuck to that goal and make sure we do it before our lives end.   


In this movie “The Bucket List”, with an excellent narration of Morgan Freeman, two men Edward (Jack Nicholson) and Carter (Morgan Freeman) do some of the wildest things in their lives before they are due to die in about 6 months because of cancer. In this movie, you see the wildest travels and yet most touching stories of these two old men and how they try to leave on the best note possible. Not only does Edward and Carter go bungee jumping, skydiving, and also get ontop of the Great Pyramid, but they also try to have close ties with family and with each other.


This movie shows another message- friends can be made from anywhere. Edward and Carter come from two totally different backgrounds. While Edward is one of the top richest people in the world and can afford practically anything he wants, Carter comes from a poor background where he can barely support his family by working at a car maintenance shop. Edward towards the end of the movie becomes a more heartwarming man and finally apologizes to his daughter for leaving her and never supporting her. Carter in the other hand become more confident in himself and has more self respect.


This movie has personally taught me that i should make the most of my life but also live it so that i wont regret what i did before. Carter had regretted in not becoming a History Teacher due to his enormous love for history. After watching this movie, i highly recommend for others to watch it because of how i could change your perception of life and can also make you treasure your own life a lot more. Finally, i would like to conclude this by saying that Life is something we should all live our own way, not by someone elses view. If we can live it in our own perspective and live it to the max, our life would be nothing to regret and nothing to be sad about when we finally leave.


Lastly-I saw recently a website showing around 27 exotic places  that were breath taking areas of the Earth that would be very interesting to be apart of our bucket list.


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