The Future of Calculators


Concept art on how Texas Instruments can update their calculators to the 21st century… we’re still stuck in the 90’s with calculators. There’s no HD or user-friendly interface. When can we upgrade to the future and have maybe even voice-activated calculators so we don’t stumble over our fingers when we type in calculations. Math should be about the concept, not how well or how fast you can punch in buttons. I want to get my homework done as soon as possible and buttons are just an inconvenience for me. Maybe we could have an easier way to reset the RAM so we could easily do it after the test without pushing a series of buttons. If you forget it, then that’s another inconvenience for you. There’s actually one that was released with color. In 2013. If a phone can carry more than 3GB of ram, then surely it could pack a bigger punch than 128KB of RAM, of which only 21KB are user-accessible. Sometimes graphs take up to 30 seconds to actually load so maybe we could up that processing power a bit. I’m not sure why a phone could do amazing things but a calculator is just inconceivable. Consider the size of the darn thing too.

I blame Texas Instruments’ monopoly in the calculator market. There’s little to no competition and nearly all teachers require that you get either a TI-84 or TI-83 for math higher than Algebra 2/Trig. They can set their price thresholds however they want. These black and white ones cost more than $100.

Calculators with Wi-Fi would be amazing. Sharing information between two different calculators as well as the teacher giving you the numbers from their very own calculator. Or maybe if that would encourage cheating it would be possible to link calculators with a wire and transfer the information. There’s so many possibilities with this!

Also, wheels coming with my robot calculator would be very convenient. These things weigh at least a pound and I’m not ready for that. Maybe the calculator’s hands can feed me a chip once in a while too while I’m crunching math numbers. Also, they should label these like all the other commercials saying batteries not included. These monsters take up 4 AAA batteries and I had to scrounge for remotes to feed its energy.

These things are overpriced, outdated, and should be made as fun as possible so that math can be mildly entertaining. Also, make the blue and green options bigger. I have to analyze every single button instead of being able to get a quick scan across to see which math thing I need. Give the light dimmer a minimum point so that you can at least see the numbers a little. I’ve gotten tricked before when somebody said my calculator was broken. It was not. They just turned the light completely off using 2ND+(DOWN KEY).

-Tyler Victor


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