Re: Capturing a Moment

Photography is a visual art that allows a person to be able to capture a scenic or memorable area at just the perfect time and moment. I personally love taking pictures and videos, and the reason because of this is that as someone who tries to live life to its fullest, i like to document that or record moments in my life that i think is very beautiful in my mind.


Art is something that creates an image for the creator which he thinks is beautiful. In photography, literally anything can look special, from rocks to even the tallest towers in the world. Everything in this world has its own significance. Annie Dillard understood this concept in nature, and explained it in her book called Jest or Ernest. Dillard spoke of how every small thing has a purpose in nature, whether it be small or large. Each and every thing in nature supports each other, and Dillard speaks of that and acknowledges how creation is a vast and large thing, expanding to where humans can’t even reach and notice yet.


For me, photography helps me acknowledge those things in nature, and helps me see the beauty inside every small corner. From gigantus cities that extend with bright lights across the skies to forests that grow with unknown creatures living inside. In my life, i hope to pursue in being a better photographer and cinematographer so that i may keep these beautiful moments in my heart. Visual arts can unfold deeper meanings that you’ve never seen before, and once i understand those meanings, i learn to appreciate it more.




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