When your best isn’t good enough

When your best isn't good enough

I’m sure this has all happened to us at one point in my life. But do you remember working to hard in so hard in you life, yet the results are never what you wanted… well I can relate because in my English class, we were assigned to read a book called the “Tale of Two Cities” and our teacher assigned us to read this book. Now we weren’t given any directions whatsoever than to read the book and be ready to be able to discuss about it. For those of you that haven’t read this book though, Charles Dickens, the author makes A LOT of references to such as Greek Mythology and Catholicism. The first day we came into to class the teacher called on me asking me what was the mood of the first few chapters. Now I gave him a insufficient answer which was incorrect, and he lectured the class about how we have to sometimes be able to read what authors mood is towards his audience is and not how you feel the mood is.

That night I went home and decided to read this book even harder and try and make sure I had everything down. The next day he called on me again…and yet again still did have any answer to his questions because I failed to recognize reference that Charles was trying to make. I was starting to think that my teacher is assuming that I didn’t even read the book but I was reading through the chapters again and again looking up and trying to comprehend it. But when you have a book full of many things that aren’t comprehensible that you still don’t get. So that night I took it to the extreme and I stayed up till 4:30 AM preparing for not only the discussion but for my test in AP euro as well. I knew my teacher was bound to call on me for this discussion so this time I felt like I went over enough of this book for the discussion.

Next day rolls around and before entering class I tell one of my friends that five bucks he was bound to call on me again. Yet to say in class I was half asleep and he said “Alright class let’s begin discussion, let’s start with….” And there I hear my name once again now he made a class with a joke about what I said going in to class I didn’t because I too thought it was funny because he actually heard me. But after that he asked me a question that I had no clue what the answer was to it….I started to think to myself I just spent that entire night studying for this…and yet I have no idea what the answer is. This is what we call failure..and we all face it as times.

The moment when you’ve spent so much time working on it and yet your results wouldn’t differ so much as if you didn’t work at all. There is so much frustration and stress that runs through your mind. Now only that but now you grade is a stake here especially when you need a really good grade in his class. Now I come from a Asian family household, and the stereotypes that you hear aren’t a lie. You have to succeeded with an A, a B is most definitely not acceptable. So now not only does my teacher think I’m slacking and not doing any of the reading, but my parents too are gonna be furious to know why my score isn’t as good as they want it to be.

Now this is just one exampled that I’ve puled from my life, but the feeling when you’ve worked so hard in your life but yet you still fail. How do you feel? Now most people come from this with a rebuttal that you’ve just gotta work even harder and you’ll succeed. But I’m having problems with comprehending this. Because I have worked myself way more than my limits but yet…I still fail. What is it that I’m doing wrong? But We all have to remember is that everything happens for a reason and that we can all learn from it :D. Though I didn’t like being called on during most of the discussions, I do believe that it has helped me on how hard I should be focusing because again this is a Honors class and you’re expected to do more!



3 thoughts on “When your best isn’t good enough

  1. I think Mr. T stumped everyone. No one I heard gave clear answers unless he guided them, so don’t feel too bad. But also, don’t stress yourself out, stressing only makes it worse, have confidence from preparation and own it next time!

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