As the title states, I’ll do the rest of the post later…

Just kidding.

This is for those that have experienced events similar, so not everyone will fully understand. As you may have figured, this is about a topic that has been widely discussed yet little accepted, responsible for long nights without sleep, missing homework assignments, failing grades, and much, much more disaster. Of course I’m speaking generally, since this can occur anywhere and everywhere, spanning the toddler all the way to the elder. The borders that I’m about to tread past are that of a phenomena notoriously named, PROCRASTINATION.

For those of you unfamiliar with the definition of such (I don’t know why you wouldn’t be since it seems to be rather common knowledge), procrastination is defined as the action of delaying or postponing something. Now, this “something” could mean anything: a job, the electric bill, or most infamously, homework.

Have you ever blamed your teachers about the “impossible” amount of workload they present upon you, horribly comparable to lugging bus up a tall mountain? Well, odds are the actual workload you’ve been given is much more comparable to driving that bus up the hill. You may not like admitting it (I most definitely know I don’t) but it’s most likely the result of unfathomable amounts of procrastination.

Why is it that people hate admitting themselves as procrastinators? Well, when does ones pride ever let them admit to their own faults? Procrastination works very similarly to the concept of the breathing process; the mind subconsciously controls the action until the host takes notice of it, then it begins to transfer into the realm of consciousness. Those who look upon procrastinators as lazy and unwilling must realize that it is much more difficult to control than it may seem. It’s somewhat similar to a parasite that creates subtle changes to the mind of its victims, yet those minuscule changes increase as time moves forward, much like the process of Inception.

The main reason why I was and am able to figure out all this is (obviously) because I am of the ranks of procrastinators, or because I tend to be very lazy; yeah that’s probably it. For those of you that possess a desire of getting rid of your procrastination, take heed that it is no easy task. Such a disease roots itself deep within the mind over a prolonged period of time, but just like anything else, it contains hidden weaknesses. A good and effective method to overcome procrastination is to constantly occupy oneself with a variety of activities that will not only keep him/her productive, but in addition, keep him/her  interested. A main cause of it, I have discovered, comes from the experience of being tasked to do something that will not be enjoying, thus, as a result, it is left unfinished until the very last moment. Also, a much, much more effective yet much more  difficult method of ridding procrastination is to DISTANCE YOURSELF AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE from any source of electronic device that harbors the abilities of electronic gaming or socializing, otherwise known as the computer or cellphone.

Procrastination requires a large amount of sheer willpower to overcome. Factually, I’ve been procrastinating on writing this for a fair amount of time, always making up the excuse that I have other things to accomplish. However,  I can gladly state that I (most of the time) no longer slumber past 11 P.M. finishing homework, especially English. Conclusively, I most definitely KNOW that whoever decides to read this because they are experiencing something similar has the ability to do and state the same, too. Yes, this goes out to you 🙂



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