When the other side isn’t as green as you thought.

I’m pretty sure we’ve all dealt with this before is when we’ve once put a lot of our time and effort into something we thought we could be great at. After months and months of training though, our results are never we wanted them. Now you start to think to yourself..how come I can do it? I’ve put so much time in effort into this, I believe I pushed myself to limit and perhaps maybe even exceeded it. Yet…our results never meet our expectation. and I’ve been thinking about the thought about how everybody and the social media always tells us that, “Oh just keep working things will always get better.” Or  “It’s only a setback if you put your time into it then you’ll succeed.” But I think most of us can say that most of the times…It’s easier said than done. Most of them haven’t even gotten the grasp of what you’ve been through to even attempt to get where you wanted and yet they still tell you these almost unbelievable sayings.


Now don’t get me wrong, there are many people in this world who’s worked their tail off and they deserve to be where their at today due to the determination and the work they’ve put in. For example Usain bolt, correct me if I’m wrong but at the age of fifteen he had a passion for running, and hasn’t let anyone get in the way of letting him be the best. Now look at him, He’s one of the fastest runner in the Olympics today. Another person for example is Chris Gardner, a man who simply dedicated himself to the two year internship to become a stoke broker in order to give his son the necessities to survive. It was his motivation and what drove him to succeed and has become one of the most successful stoke brokers today. All these people have dedicated their whole lives pursuing this ideal dream of theirs and it’s become a reality. What bobbles my mind is how come their outcome is so great…While mine just isn’t where I wanted it to be. I too put a lot of my time and effort into becoming someone better everyday. One example from my life is that I train to become a better athlete in track and field everyday. Everyday Monday through Friday  I’m always giving my 100 percent training and always working to become a better athlete everyday. But comes around the day of the time trail while you’re running down the last fifty meters of any event. As you cross the finish line hearing the time that you wer


en’t expecting to hear. How would you feel? Crashing down from exhausting from giving it everything you got and yet you still fail…How can one tell you that all you gotta do is to just keep moving on and work harder everyday. How does that affect you mentally? How does it motivate you to keep going forward when you’ve barely made any progression whatsoever. I envy those that are able to be successful for example there’s this one guy on  my track team. Senior, smart, good looking, and almost basically almost has every characteristics of what you would call  the perfect guy.  I always ten to get the feels of how he’s able to be like that. Now I know we’re all different and we’re each given our own set of talents but for a moment…I just wanna be him.

Despite all this though..I’ve realized that things aren’t gonna be better if you’re always criticizing yourself . I once heard from the movie “Never Back Down” from the Trainer  played by  Danny Hernandez who says “It is your responsibility to control the outcome of the situation.” and I think this was my mini epiphany te

lling me to maybe stop thinking about comparing myself to others but strive in the best I can be and be proud that I gave it my all and work to improve!- victor



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