Status Update: My Life’s Getting Shelled, But I’m Alive and Well

Oh how... UNcharming...

So I know what you may have been thinking. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?

Well, I can truthfully tell you that I can’t reveal most of my life to you. Sorry about that.

However, I’m back! Back from another journey to Mars, back to tie up the loose ends and continue on with this blog. Back to-

You get the point.

So I’ve been going through a whole bunch of stress lately about various things. Relationships with other people (notice how I use the plural), time management, etc.

I was practically stuck in a ditch for a while, battling my fears, my troubles, and even my annoyances. All in all, everything was going great. If you call wrestling with your mind and your life great.

ww1 trench

It was a dark, intense battle. Tears were shed. Multiple feelings and various stages of anguish/sadness/disappointment were proceeded through.

I’m sure that at times, you may have…

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