RE:FRAMED: How do I get homework done?

We all know how terrible homework is and how long it takes and how you could be doing SOOO many other things that are not homework. Like nothing productive. That kind of stuff. And once we actually get started, it’s so difficult to keep on track. Sometimes we hit a brick wall and so we just stop and do something else. And then there are those moments where you have so much work to do that you take a nap. Or the infamous “due tomorrow do tomorrow” mentality. When teachers assign a certain portion of reading you think, “Sweet! No homework!” just because you don’t get credit for actually reading it. This affects almost every single person and extends beyond schooling and even into your real life work. What should you do? Well I can’t tell you, but I can confide in the type of mentality I have and what kind of schedule I like to keep.


It’s great to keep consistent a schedule, like in my English class. We have certain deadlines to read a certain portion of a book and this is great because structure will keep you on track when you yourself don’t want to be. By creating this list, you know exactly how much you have to do and how much time it would take allowing for you to plan how much time you have to goof off. Also, the scheduling would condition you to always do your homework at a certain time and let your brain know that right now it’s time to get to work.


Sometimes, you have to get your brain to stop second-guessing itself through sheer willpower. Push all the negative thoughts away like, “Why am I even doing this work? I don’t even like math and it won’t help in my future career.” Why is that question even relevant? Does it really matter whether you like math or not? The point is to learn it and be a well-rounded person. I don’t generally like math and sometimes it’s the thing I look forward to the least in the day. Like Nike, JUST DO IT! My chemistry teacher was the one who put the mentality in my brain that the thought of liking or disliking a subject is completely irrelevant because by doing well in school and demonstrating our learning, we are helping ourselves.

Grades are a gauge of how much you’re learning. It shouldn’t be the end-all-be-all of school. As you learn more, your grade will go up and it’s not just some arbitrary number. I’m guessing that’s why my chemistry teacher doesn’t post our grades online. He wants you to learn, not calculate how many points you need to just past the class. Our English teacher is just the same. He wants a demonstration of effort, participation, and creativity in the class and not how well of a test-taker you are.

Our current reading is All Quiet on the Western Front and it’s actually a good book that I would read outside of my academics. It’s not something that I try to avoid doing but one of the things that I actually look forward to. It’s the same with history. The stuff is actually interesting and by exploiting this interest, learning happens. If the class isn’t interesting, make it interesting. Sometimes the stuff you read in history is a bore but then you look up stuff not taught in the class or textbook and then you find cool stuff.ImageThe point is that homework helps you learn and by learning you get good things out of it like a better grade if that’s what you desire or the long term which is to get a job that interests you and hopefully the goal isn’t to just go to college. Just think of it as a gift to your future self. Doing homework not only will reflect on your grade but your work ethic as well which is far more important.



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