Re:Framed: Video Projects

VIdeo projects have always been fun for me. It’s another opportunity to collaborate with people and make something that I can be proud of. And it’s all for school! They’re a great way to learn video editing programs like Adobe Premiere or Adobe After Effects and Blender. Maybe when you get a job it’ll help with your career. If you want to make a PSA, you can make it look professional.

Theriault Picture

I feel that sometimes I spend too much time on video projects. I’ll use it as a way to procrastinate on my other homework and justify it. This ultimately creates a problem so if you ever en up in this position, remember, edit responsibly!

Filming is also enjoyable even though I do not film myself and usually stick to putting together clips from other movies. Sometimes these clips can turn out even better. WHen I do projects I usually like to find good music and theme my videos around that. Since I don’t film myself, this is an easier method. If you’re making your own clips, then I’d recommend theming the music around your footage.

We’ve recently been assigned (though not a mandatory assignment) a video project for All Quiet on the Western Front. It’s interesting because we have to somehow incorporate posters which other people in our class create. This limits our options a little. We don’t want to make the video too fast-paced, usually like war footage is, and we don’t want to make it too slow or it’ll turn into a slideshow. This should be an interesting project that’ll definitely challenger our creativity.



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