re:framed: How unreliable people are

First of all, I’d like to mention that I am the only one that has been posting on the blog in the month of January. I’m the person whose name is the only one that has been appearing at the bottom of a post. I’ve tried to get my other blog members to post and so far I’ve been unsuccessful. Asking nicely doesn’t work and neither does reminding them of our deadlines. I know that mentioning the readers won’t work because they probably don’t care. How do you get other people to get engaged in a teamwork environment?



My English teacher does something called a BRAWL which is a lot like a socratic seminar with a twist. Ultimately in a socratic seminar, some students end up dominating the conversation, some just repeat and agree with what others said, and others say nothing. In a BRAWL, people are put into groups and a randomly selected representative is chosen to talk. The group will prepare together and are graded together. Individuals have a chance to earn their own points by the questions they formulate for the discussion of that day. There are incentives to work together by putting people into blocks and grading them together. It promotes teamwork and peer pressure to do well.

The problem with my particular situation is that I have no incentives to force them to work on this blog. I have practically given up trying to force them to write a blog post. This is why I’ve been the only one posting the last three. There is a 2 week gap between this blog post and the last one because I thought by waiting patiently and not being a nagger that they’d help. Obviously they’ve proven me wrong. One of my blog members actually said that I AM the blog. I think that’s been true the past couple of weeks. Obviously we’re all very busy people, but asking within a week time frame, we all could have been able to find time to write something.



Maybe this is the only thing that might get them to write a blog post. If they ever bother to go on wordpress. They might even stick their name into the end of the blog post saying that they helped write it without ever reading the actual blog.




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