Quote of the day! :D

Hey guys! I have another great quote that I found and I think this would apply to everyone who may having something against someone they dont like!






“Hatred does not cease by hatred, but only by love; this is the eternal rule.”-Buddha


Now as ironic as this may seem,  the statement of beating hatred with love is indeed to. An example of this is from the bible! One story for example was the Parable of the Lost Son. A son who decides to take his fathers inheritance and decides to move out and live on his own. Months slowly progresses and he eventually runs out of money. Now he’s desperate to make a living and does some of the dirtiest jobs in order to maintain a living such as feeding the pigs in the pig farm. Requiring vigorous amounts of work.

The son then decides to return to his father. What was so surprising was the fact that his father welcomed him back into his household and threw a big party for him. How can someone do that? After what the son did taking away the fathers inheritance, and be able to return like nothing happen. I find this story to rather be a very intriguing story. After reading it over and over, I realize that the father responded with love and compassion to re welcome his son back into the family.


This showed me to realize that sometimes  in life we have to respond with love, and this we can respond with with something greater than hatred creating a better environment for not just yourself but everyone around you.







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