Re:Framed: Self-Control

Image16We all struggle to achieve what we really want. Whether it’s life goals, a project, or exercise, they’re all difficult to make gains in and get things done. Sometimes we lack the willpower, the discipline, and the determination to accomplish what it is we need to get done. There are several mindsets one can use to overcome procrastination.

Sometimes it really helps to see others accomplishing things. Maybe they provide competition or inspiration for you. Action fueled by emotion or passion is not always a bad thing. In the book The Count of Monte Cristo, the protagonist fuels his revenge with anger and the thought of getting back at those who wronged him.

One method I’ve often heard is that once you do something often enough at a steady rate at certain times, it becomes a habit. This method, called classical conditioning, is a way to do accomplish what you need routinely. This could encompass things such as specific chores or an exercise regime. My own coach says that what you do becomes a habit and soon the hard work you do won’t seem all that bad since you’re so used to it. Your body becomes accustomed to it and so does your mind. In this way you discipline both your mind and body. Most of the things you do are mental and by being able to control your mind, you will be able to accomplish most tasks.



I myself often use this and it’s the slogan just do it. This may not seem effective, but put into practice it works wonders. I procrastinated this blog post for so many days and finally I just thought of the nike slogan and here I am. There’s 7 days in the week and someday is not one of them. You have to set a schedule to make sure you get things done and do what you have to do. Monte Cristo is a precise man down to the minute of the day. This is because he acknowledges and has come to the realization that time, distance, and mortality are all that’s stopping him from accomplishing what he needs to get done.

Sometimes, we go overboard and we have to reign ourselves in. Just remember that moderation is better than zealotry. If you have to cheat yourself, plan it. Make sure that you give yourself a couple minutes out of the day to surf youtube and enjoy those few moments. Then you have to get back to work. This way you don’t feel guilty about not working and happily resume the flow instead of being interrupted by an endless wave of procrastination and guilt. Trust me, I’ve been there. This also extends to eating and exercise. Do not overexercise or your muscles will not be able to recover. With your diet, nobody can tolerate forever boiled skinless chicken and steamed vegetables just to keep that body fat down and muscle gains up. Pick a day of the week and enjoy a few slices of pizza and maybe one or two cans of soda. This cheat day, however, should not be something like the picture below.



Monte Cristo finds the willpower to control himself when he encounters people from his old life that he once knew and loved. Though there are some good traits that we can learn from Monte Cristo, the most principle one would be that of balance and willpower. The ability to control oneself and try to become what you want to and find a balance between personalities is the struggle that I think we can all relate to.

I really hate using this slogan but I just feel though that this is an accurate way to describe how you should react if at first you don’t achieve your goals.Image



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