RE:FRAMED: Why do themes not change over time?


We’re still learning from stories thousands of years ago. Often, many of these stories have been remade into a more modern setting. However, the underlying meaning and the things that we learn from them never change. People are able to forge what the story means to them and how it relates. Not only is it for what is happening to them now but also in the future. People change, yet the power of stories never do for some reason. Morals are an inherent aspect of humans whether it be aided by religion or simply with their own compass. We utilize stories to learn from them each in our own personal way.

Morality is not a law for each and every single people. Everyone has a different code that they adhere to and do not follow the same detached sphere of fabrication. Some values downplay others yet they all still exist. Cultures emphasize different traits like strength, intelligence, and cunning. And then these cultures change. Society shifts and is turbulent. An inflexible society is one that cannot be sustained very long and the changing of values of it shows it’s alive. Progress is sign of evolution and something that does not adapt is something that will die. A unified code of laws is the defining point of our morals and what we view to be as wrong or indecent. These laws are modified, added to or striked out. The laws are changed with perception and understanding and these laws that change show the transformation of human nature.

Books have a common underlying theme that we use to our advantage in trying to understand. This understanding affects all of us and these basic themes never change. It’s only how we perceive and interact with it that differs. When we read the same book twenty years from now we have different outlooks and sympathize with different characters more. If you’ve now become a father, you’d understand Atticus from To Kill a MockingBird and his motives as opposed to when you read it as a child and thought Atticus was a helicopter parent. We as individuals change rapidly as opposed to the almost static societies we live in. The direction that society goes to is hard to gauge when the people who comprise of society are dynamic themselves. A block is difficult to rearrange when the small blocks that comprise of it are being rearranged all the time.


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