How to Spin a Basketball With Every Finger

bball mdhs

At first, I wanted to talk about food because everybody eats it and most people love it. Then I remembered that I was only good at eating food and not at making it so I scratched that idea. This presentation is dedicated to Mr. T whose picture of his high school basketball team inspired me. You’re going to need a couple things first.

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The Arts

Bad: Politics, Money, War, Murder, Rape, Abandonment, Arrogance, Pride, Anger, Loneliness, and Fear.

Good: Passion, Love, Feeling, Sadness, Happyness, Standing for one another, Bringing everyone together as a whole, Imagination, Abstract, Creativity, Friendship, and Family.

I began this blog with a list, a list of things that i particularly think are good and bad.  The Arts, as you know, are able to express anything. Whether it may be representing a man’s worst fears, or his dearest love, Art has an ability to take the soul of anyone and spread it one whatever canvas it may be- Painting, Dancing, Photography, Cinema, Writing, Drawing, Music, and anything you can possibly think off the top of your head. Today i am here to showcase that very aspect, the ability for art to embody a man’s heart and soul.

misty-mood-leonid-afremov    “Misty Mood” by Leonid Afremov 

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