The Arts

Bad: Politics, Money, War, Murder, Rape, Abandonment, Arrogance, Pride, Anger, Loneliness, and Fear.

Good: Passion, Love, Feeling, Sadness, Happyness, Standing for one another, Bringing everyone together as a whole, Imagination, Abstract, Creativity, Friendship, and Family.

I began this blog with a list, a list of things that i particularly think are good and bad.  The Arts, as you know, are able to express anything. Whether it may be representing a man’s worst fears, or his dearest love, Art has an ability to take the soul of anyone and spread it one whatever canvas it may be- Painting, Dancing, Photography, Cinema, Writing, Drawing, Music, and anything you can possibly think off the top of your head. Today i am here to showcase that very aspect, the ability for art to embody a man’s heart and soul.

misty-mood-leonid-afremov    “Misty Mood” by Leonid Afremov 

When was the last time you were able to let everything go? Not like just a bit but EVERYTHING. Not many people are able to calmly do that, but it’s something that we all need sometimes. At some moments of our life we might have lost a loved one and we feel like we just can’t come back again, and at other times we accomplish great things, such as graduating college. But is just sitting there really a way to show you feelings for this time? Some of us like to use sports or running or even video games as an outlet, but what is something that can really come out and really show the world that your emotions and passion can really create something beautiful? Art is that outlet. Anyone, and i mean anyone, can be good at art. The horizons within this field are endless. And not only can anyone do it, but anyone can send a message through it.


“Guernica” By Pablo Picasso, demonstrating the fear and destruction caused in the Spanish Civil War by Germany Pre- World War II.

From my personal view, Art is something that i just couldn’t live without. As a guy who was born and raised into this new technology age and being the Generation Z member that i am, i just find it magnificent and breath- taking in watching what my peers do. And i’m ONLY in High school. I’ve seen people make amazing looking short films, take pictures as if it was their job and they have been training their whole life, seen drawing that at this rate, could go into art museums, and also have seen Dance Choreos that just look so visually stunning and spectacular that when i see, i blank out and say to myself “Wow, this is some shit we got here.”  For me, i personally like to film. Its a way of documentation and to let your imagination roll.  It doesnt’t take much skill unless you plan to make short films or such, but its a way i enjoy, and its easy to send a message to your viewers of multiple themes. Its an electronic visual book.


On set filming of “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.” One of my favorite movies that i love.

Another form of art i like is photography. I’m not very good at it much or  do i do it as often as filming, but i find it amazing to go around and capture a perfect moment. And being able to see that moment whenever you want is another pro. One thing that i like about photography is that it has no barriers. In movies, books, or anything as such, there is a barrier of language. A barrier that can bar many from seeing the true picture that comes. But in a picture, no no no. Anyone, and i mean anyone can see it. Anyone can analyze what is going on in the scene and learn from it. An example of this is just a simple picture a civilian took of the event that occurred in Tiananmen Square. Anyone, not only the people of china, but all the way to Europe and America, could see that something was wrong and the people of China are attempting to do something about it, and were willing to take the courage to do so.


 Tienanmen Square, June 4th, 1989. Approximately 25 years ago.

Well this was my post of why i thought Art, it doesn’t matter what kind, as long as its used rightfully, is the best thing in my life. Many of you may disagree with me, but hey, we are all different. It doesn’t matter what your interested in or what you do with your free time, but it does matter how you use it. Make sure people benefit from it and they appreciate and admire what your doing. So with that said, i will end this post with a question, “What will you bring to us?”





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